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Da Bomb Beyond Insanity is an insanely hot sauce, thanks to real Habanero and Chipotle Peppers plus the addition of natural pepper flavoring and spices. The flavor is slightly smoky with a smooth consistency that's neither too watery or too thick and pasty. This hot sauce is specifically for those who can take the heat; newbies need not apply.

Heat Index: 7 of 10 (135,000 Scoville)


Da Bomb Ground Zero is a seriously hot sauce with real Habanero peppers and natural pepper flavoring. Once you get past the burn, you really get to appreciate the slightly citrus-y flavor with a hint of pineapple.

If Ground Zero Hot Sauce is too hot for you but you like the flavor, try adding a few drops to your salsa to give it some extra heat and a punch of pineapple and citrus flavor.

Heat Index: 9 of 10 (321,900 Scoville)


Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce gets all of its heat from real Habanero peppers plus Jolokia and Habanero Pepper powders. This hot sauce boasts a smooth taste thanks to the fact that it doesn't contain vinegar or pepper extract. Da'Bomb Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce makes a great additive to stews, sauces, dips, and more for a blast of heat and flavor.

Heat Index: 6 of 10 (23,000 Scoville)

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