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We are dedicated first and foremost to providing a premium service experience to our customers. This requires exceptional products, competitive prices, and quick shipping.

  • Products: Our products are sourced almost exclusively from producers, not distributors or wholesalers. Why should you care? As with all foods, our products taste best when freshest. Our objective is to cut out as many middlemen as possible by skipping the distributor and wholesaler warehouses. This means that we are occasionally out of some products - because they're on an ocean somewhere or the manufacturer is awaiting a key ingredient.
  • Price: We typically price our products to be the cheapest on eBay or Google Shopping. We accomplish this by buying direct from the manufacturer in large quantities - thousands of items per order. This gives us a competitive advantage and gives you a discount.
  • Shipping: Our objective is to get your order to you in a quick and economical fashion. The majority of our orders are shipping via USPS or UPS. Either way, you should generally expect to receive your order within two to three days of payment. If you live in close proximity to Birmingham, Alabama, you may receive your order the next day. We also offer local pickup for nearby residents.


Having studied environmental science at the Biosphere 2 Center, Nicholas Parks is keenly aware of our ecological impact. Our warehouse has almost no waste - we reuse all packing material we receive from our suppliers. Virtually every order is shipped in a previously used box we received from a supplier and with packing materials received from a supplier. 

Used Boxes


As a long time lawyer and e-commerce retailer, Nicholas Parks is very interested in regulatory issues governing e-commerce, in particular attempts to rein in the power of Amazon and restore fairness to Internet competition. Mr. Parks publishes his thoughts on these matters on Substack

Our History

SnobFoods.com originates from our love of food: growing, preparing, cooking and eating. It was started in 2006 by deeply indebted, recent law school graduate, Nicholas Parks. SnobFoods originally focused on selling specialty hot sauces, but has slowly expanded into a variety of related and unrelated categories.

We are located in and ship from Pelham, Alabama, a suburb of the "Magic City" - Birmingham, Alabama. As one of America's top foodie cities, according to Zagat, Andrew Zimmern, and Southern Living, we wouldn't want to be anywhere else!

Please feel free to email us anytime with comments, suggestions, or concerns.


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