About Our Pricing

Why are our prices cheaper here than on Amazon.com?

You may have noticed that we sell our sauces here and on Amazon.com and other third party websites. You likely also noticed that many of our prices here are substantially less than our prices on Amazon.com and other sites. For instance, we sell Fiesta Juan's Green Taco Sauce here for $4.95; we sell it on Amazon.com for $13.99. Why so much difference???  One, Amazon.com charges to warehouse Prime inventory; we pay them to warehouse our inventory. Without this, we would not be able to sell anything as "Prime" on Amazon.com. Two, Amazon.com charges several dollars to pick and ship every Prime item. This is based on weight, dimensions and sale price. With jars of sauce, this typically equals two to three times the actual cost of the item. Three, we pay to ship our items to Amazon.com so they can sell it. If we sell a jar of sauce for under $10 on Amazon.com, we usually lose a dollar or two. Why do we do this? To build our customer base. Obviously, we can only afford so much of this, but we treat it as advertising and have a budget allocated to it.

We hope this helps you understand why prices can vary so much. Please feel free to email or call us with questions about any specific products.


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